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PPC is an internet marketing formula for pay-per-click, which is used for the price of online advertisements. Online advertisers in the PPC service will agree to the Internet publishers' PPC rate when an ad is clicked, even if the sale is done or not. With pay per click in search engine advertising, advertiser will usually bid on one keyword so that the PPC rate changes. On a single website - or network of content. Websites - Site publisher will generally determine a fixed pay-per-click rate. Also called cost-per-click (CPC).

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As a pay-per-click service provider, our vision is to help small and medium-sized businesses, and on behalf of various other businesses, take advantage of the power of discovering and carry extraordinary results. Our goal as a leading pay-per-click advertising company is to help businesses optimize search engine marketing effectiveness so that they can get more customers at a lower cost.

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Our Process

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Research Keywords

Everything starts with a keyword: it's the word that a person types into a search engine, and that your ad is shown on the results page. For example, Google provides a tool called Keyword Planner that helps you find new keywords, compare keyword trends and plan, so that you can reach the right customers as efficiently as possible. It may also include defining negative keywords: those words that filter unwanted clicks.

Once you have a list, it is necessary to balance the value of each keyword at the cost that you will pay for each click.

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Create Your Ads

Write your ads to appeal directly to meeting your potential guest. Provide useful information: Include specific price information, exemptions or other numbers in the title.Remember that travel and hotel stay emotional decisions for most people; Do not be afraid to use emotional language in your lessons.

Be specific and focus on the real-world benefits that you offer to your guests. Use the language that gives your customers the right to take action, explaining what the next steps are.

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Decide on Parameters

Now that you have prepared the basic principles of your PPC campaign, it is important to define the parameters. First and foremost, what is your budget? Define your total budget for the campaign time period, and use it to calculate your daily spending limit. Decide how much you can bid for your most important keywords. Depending on the cost-benefit analysis, choose how often you want your ads to run and in which geographic locations. You can also define that a specific ad should run only on mobile devices, only desktop, or universally.

Check that the website address (URL) displayed in your ad exactly matches the URL of your landing page.

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Know Your Tools: Manager Account

Once set up, you will soon find out that your PPC campaigns need smart management.So it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the available management tools. The Google AdWords Manager account provides a tool that provides a useful overview of all your ads and makes it easy to track the performance of your campaign. It lets you see what's working, and it's also deciding what's not working. It also helps keep track of your expenses. If you are planning to expand your PPC strategy, you would want to download Google AdWords Editor, a free application for managing complex AdWords accounts.

This helps you manage your ads so that you can make changes quickly in all your accounts. It also provides up-to-date statistics on all your campaigns.

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Check For Mobile-Friendly display

Research shows that more than half of hotel search is now conducted on mobile devices.It is essential that your PPC campaign performs easily on all major mobile phone brands and tablets. More importantly, the landing page of your ad and your entire hotel website should have a well-functioning mobile version.

You can check whether your website is mobile-friendly using this easy tool from Google.

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Case Studies



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