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Get an overview of the investment data you get on your website

Reporting of website data includes creating a custom report to match brand preferences and application of Hyper-relevant advanced segments for that data and finally, using locally spoken language, includes a presentation of your insights and recommended actions. . Talk to our experts.


An accurate website analysis and reporting can help your business achieve your goals

Accurate analysis and reporting are the cornerstone of any website's development process, and to increase the website to include more relevant and targeted digital marketing strategies on the website, detailed information collected through webmasters will attract more traffic to your website. Does.


Website Analysis

We check every aspect of your site so that it can improve. Our SEO Website Analysis Tool helps you to create SEO-friendly content by checking the original content on your website, and if you have any irrelevant content on a web page, you must report it.


Our session recording gives you a quick way to visualize the experiences of individual users. Ever wondered if the user action actually appears behind all that analytics data? Now you can see how your users interact with your mobile and desktop sites (you can see).

Conversion tracking and optimization

ClecoTech can help you to reach there by statistically testing and measuring material experiments, A / B, and multivariate tests and measure which pages and funnel elements perform conversions, and who do not .

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